Win with the TRIN

A pretty fascinating ride in the stock indexes today…

How should we read the indicators such as up volume versus down volume in a market like this?

When should we look at the TRIN to tell us when to look for reversals with 90% accuracy for a rally the following day?

Why is it so accurate and how can we profit from it?

What should you do when the TRIN is over 2 near the end of the trading day?

When we have extreme conditions, it’s important to know how to read the next day’s action before everybody else does.

By the way, what is the level that bulls need to hit for another rally?

And which stocks should you focus upon and why?

And of course, which stocks should you avoid in a dead market?

Or, should you short the market right now, or not?

Watch today’s video to get the answers!

One thought on “Win with the TRIN

  1. Michael S.

    You and Hubert are really bright guys.. Didnt think Id ever find a site with real information, it looks to me like you just got started (with the website) but if you didnt, either way keep up the great work


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