What-the-Fed is Going On?

What-the-Fed is Going On?What’s the next trade now that the Federal Reserve has made its announcement?

Is the Fed announcement of the status quo good news or bad?

What can you tell from the Dow’s reaction?

What should you do in the Dow’s ambush zone?

Should you go long, short, or wait?

You need to know what to look for before you choose your direction in the market…

Does the “weaker” economy mean you’ll make less money or more?

Find out in today’s video!

3 thoughts on “What-the-Fed is Going On?

  1. dan

    Everytime there’s a FOMC, the fed speaks… I lose money; big time. I read your message, I.e., forget about the news and, just trade the charts. That was tough to do, but that’s exactly what I did. Just read the price action and oscilators. Made killing. Had to use really short timeframes and react fast. But what a blast. I think being right with the timing and decision process was more rewarding than the financial gain. Thanks for your website and the valuable ideas.


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