What Affects the Stock Market and How to Benefit From Knowing It

What Affects the Stock Market and How to Benefit From Knowing ItInvestors need to know what affects the stock market if they want any chance of making money. It’s a game of prognostication, prediction, and prophesy, one that many have attempted but few have mastered. The entire financial industry, from investments to banking to land ownership, is geared towards a small group of rich people, and the average trader doesn’t belong in it.

Absolute Wealth is giving them an opportunity to turn the tables with their Special Report “Riding the Ripple Effect: How to See Next Week’s Plays Today.” It is essentially a crystal ball through which any capable trader can literally see the future, and invest accordingly.

Money is tough to come by in all corners of the world, and the global solution seems to be borrowing. Borrowed money goes into assets, and those assets raise prices. In the long term, there is too much money being used and not enough being saved or recovered. The opportunities to find profitable investments seem to decrease by the day.

Learning how to select stocks based on major market moves is now easy with “Riding the Ripple Effect.” It’s based on science, not dumb luck or experience level. And it doesn’t pay attention to the so-called experts across the investment media landscape.

That’s because Absolute Wealth employs their own group of experts, and assists every-day traders with the information and strategies they know will work for anyone. Listening to the naysayers is useless.

MSNBC’s Motley Fool reports that “Every year, as the days get longer and April’s legendary showers finally give way to the warmer part of spring, an annual ritual in the stock market begins. But even though May isn’t even here yet, you’ve already probably heard all about how your best move is to dump every stock you own, head for the hills, and ride out an inevitable downturn between now and November.”

Theories like that, as the reporter points out, are dysfunctional. “Riding the Ripple Effect” gives clear, concrete move recommendations, and explains the reasoning behind them. The outcome of the Special Report may be surprising, but after the concept is understood, everyone will be lining up to profit from the suggestions given by Absolute Wealth.

Think about it this way: Who wouldn’t profit from seeing next week’s Wall Street Journal? That’s what “Riding the Ripple Effect” equates to, and it’s available now as a Bonus Report to Independent Wealth Alliance members. To find out what affects the stock market and how to use that information to pad a portfolio, go to http://www.rippleeffecttrader.com/free-presentation/.

What Affects the Stock Market and How to Benefit From Knowing It

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