Senters’ Strategies

Senters' StrategiesHow should you trade the markets as the world comes to an end?

Sounds crazy, but there is a great way to make solid trading profits in the futures markets, among others.

In today’s Senters’ Strategies, Hubert tells you how to really make the proper trades while the US economy circles the bowl and the European economy gets flushed, all by using gaps, which gaps to play, ups, down, ½ gaps or full gaps.

Hubert also tells you what indices to avoid and why.

Get your kicks at the end of the world with Senters’ Strategies today!

2 thoughts on “Senters’ Strategies

  1. Maria Tzanatos

    Hi! I live in Athens Greece unemployed with a few savings….how can I from here use your strategies to better my financial situation..?? I receive numerous emails with like information but basically US orientated….It’s a horrible feeling to be in beautiful Greece ….. feeling stuck, helpless & hopeless….
    Please let me know of anything that can help…
    Thank you


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