Who Is Ready for the New and Improved World of Driverless Cars? Not California

Who is Ready for the New and Improved World of Driverless Cars Not California

Google’s self-automated automobiles are almost beyond the prototypes. Sure, many are excited, but California isn’t. The state’s regulators plan on restricting the overall use of these cars and ban them if they ever seen them travelling along public roads. They believe no matter how advanced car technology gets, no moving vehicle should be without a licensed driver.

This statement was released by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. They believe that cars, even automated ones must have pedals, a steering wheel, and a person that is there to take control over the car when deemed necessary.

Google engineers have worked well over six years to design and test the car. They also spent a couple of years testing the car with sensory-loaded Lexus SUVs. The company proudly made a prototype that can seat two people, and many of them were tested in Texas as well as states other than California. The prototype did have temporary pedals and wheels.

While California states the invention is dangerous, Google believes the opposite. Johnny Luu, a spokesman at Google, stated that their vision was the vehicle would take someone from one point to another with the push of a button. He added that they hoped to alter the mobility for millions of people for the better.

Luu also stated that hope can come in the form of reducing the 94% of accidents that take place on the road due to human error. Car accidents are one of the most common deaths going on in America, stealing over 32,000 lives annually in California.

Luu was one of the people shocked by California’s brash decision. He said that that safety was the main priority and motivator the entire time they were working on the project. From the time these cars have been on the road, Google adds that none of their cars have ever been ticketed. Some would only get stopped for driving too slowly. He believes it to be nothing short of a sad choice made by California, already writing things in stone too quickly when automated cars have the capability to help rather than hurt.

Although driverless cars are currently being seen as the ultimate future of transportation, there are larger leaps being made. Other automobile companies like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and a few others are adding advanced safety features to even moderately priced cars that can leverage tech in order to better promote driving safety. One of the most incredible features they have worked on is giving cars the ability to detect other cars that are close to lanes.

Another neat feature these companies also worked on is the ability for the car to take over breaking in the event they sense a pedestrian or other object near them. Tesla has a new autopilot feature that allows an electric car to go to a different lane of its own once the driver.

Draft regulations are stating that manufacturers would also need to put all driverless cars to a third party safety test. They would also have to provide any accident reports on a regular basis, implement security measures to detect, respond and inform a driver should anyone attempt to highjack the car’s information. It will have the ability to speak the car owner what type of data was erased from the video as well. Popular electric car companies such as Ford and Tesla were among various companies that have the permit to test drive cars on the roads within the state of California.

Automated cars will be one of Google’s most loved inventions, and they have plans to use their new upper advantage to go after Uber. That’s right, Google has plans to partake in ridesharing there they plan on using their driverless cars to pick up and drop off people. However, Uber has also been busy themselves hiring autonomous car engineers for their new lab in Pittsburgh.

Google is proud to add that their driverless cars are also part of Alphabet’s secretive X division. So fair, their driverless cars have logged over a million miles by driving on public roads. It’s a project that does a lot of experimentation with new technology.

Currently, the project may get spun out and into Alphabet. The idea is to keep Google’s search and the advertising businesses completely separate from other speculated efforts. Both regulatory issues and driverless car technology are sure to be on the front burner in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show the start of next year. There also will be a higher amount of convention hall space becomes dedicated to the computerized car.

There are obvious pros concerning automated cars, and there are cons as well for many. In a scenario where most, if not all cars were driven by automated cars, do you think there would be little to no accidents that occur?

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