Rare Earth Stocks In The U.S. Are Going To Explode When The Mojave Desert Mine Re-Opens

If you have been wanting to invest in rare earth minerals, but were having trouble because China has the market sewed up, you may get your chance.  The rare earth stocks U.S. market could soon be exploding, because of mines that will be opening again.

The deep pit located in the Mojave desert may hold the key to the U.S. moving into the rare earth minerals sector, and causing rare earth stocks in the U.S. to soar.  China has had the rare earth minerals sector tied up by providing over 90% of the worlds supply. With recent developments showing that China is most likely going to halt exportation of rare earth minerals to use within their own country for production of some of the worlds highest demand products, the U.S. would be hanging over a barrel.

The Mojave desert mine currently holds one of the largest rare earth mineral deposits outside of China.  The mine was shut down almost a decade ago, however, the owners have finally secured approval to start operations again in the near future.  Molycorp Minerals chief executive Mark Smith explained that, “We will probably never be the largest mine in the world again. It will be hard to overcome China’s status in that regard, but we do think we will be a very significant supplier.”

Americans are concerned without the mine that the U.S. will lose control over the production of many of the new technologies, including smart phones, and green energy products, like electric cars, and wind turbines, along with a host of other products that have been recently developed around new technologies.

Global demand for rare earth metals is predicted to reach 205,000 tons by 2015. “If we don’t get alternative supplies up and running we are going to have this supply gap that is going to cause a lot of issues,” Mark Smith said.  We are looking at skyrocketing rare earth minerals stocks, because of this situation.

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Rare Earth Stocks In The U.S. Are Going To Explode When The Mojave Desert Mine Re-Opens

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“You would need seven mines the size of Molycorp’s just to meet the demand for wind turbines and that would mean no neodymium for motors or any other applications,” said Jim Hedrick, who was the U.S. Geological Survey rare earth expert.

Companies are looking at alternatives to using rare earth’s in the production of some of these new technology products, or at least reducing the amount they use in production, along with working on recovery and recycling measures.

The U.S. mine in the Mojave desert used to play an important role in technology in the 1960’s, by producing europium, which provided the bright red tones in the new color televisions.  Hopefully it will become a big part in producing rare earth metals in the 21st century for production of the new technology products of today and the future.  Whatever happens, when considering investing in rare earths, it is a good idea to keep your eye on the rare earth
stocks in the U.S.

Rare Earth Stocks In The U.S. Are Going To Explode When The Mojave Desert Mine Re-Opens

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