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Trump’s “Apprentice Judge” Joins

Monday, August 1, 2011

–George Ross, Donald Trump’s right hand man and judge on The Apprentice television show joins the new, high-profile financial website as a weekly contributing expert. The New York City businessman and Trump Organization insider will also participate in the launch of The Empire Report financial newsletter, where he will provide high-level business and investment advice.–

AUSTIN, Texas—(BUSINESS WIRE)— announced today the launch of its website featuring daily articles from financial experts that includes Trump Organization insider and The Apprentice judge, George Ross.

“We are very excited to have George on our team of experts” commented MaryEllen Tribby, Founder and Publisher of and The Empire Report, “he brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to both, where he will write a weekly article, and to The Empire Report, our premium financial newsletter, where George will provide inside expertise on how the elite of New York make money, specific business advice, as well as his own observations, wit and wisdom.”

“I’m very pleased to be able share my business expertise and inside knowledge to and The Empire Report readers,” George Ross said, “When it comes to business strategies and making money, I’ve got a lot to say.”

MaryEllen Tribby has been very successful in the financial publishing world as former President of Weiss Research, CEO and Publisher of Early to Rise, (where she founded Investor’s Daily Edge), as well as managing divisions at Forbes, Crain’s New York Business, and Times Mirror Magazines.

“What sets apart from the rest is that our experts are actual investors and traders, not talking heads in suits with nothing at stake.  Our experts have skin in the game,” Tribby emphasized, “They put their money where their mouths are. provides real investment solutions for real investors,” she explained.

“In today’s investment climate, you need every edge you can find,” Ms. Tribby continued, “and will give investor’s that edge and more.”

“Look,” George Ross said, “I couldn’t buy what I know; I’ve had to live it and learn it…and Donald Trump doesn’t keep me around because I’m pretty; he knows as well as I do that whoever has the best information has the best advantage. and The Empire Report readers will get real, inside knowledge they can use to their advantage.”

Additional weekly contributing experts are:

  • Bestselling author and CNBC and Fox Business regular John Carter
  • Forex trading guru Jason Fielder
  • Day trading specialist Hubert Senters
  • UK-based options expert and noted author Guy Cohen
  • Real estate finance expert Gregory  Plummer
  • Noted financial correspondent  and speaker JT Foxx
  • Expert Trader and writer Craig Perrine

Managing Editor James R. Gorrie will also write a daily, macro-oriented article about financial and global issues that affect the markets for, as well as a monthly article for The Empire Report.

“We anticipate a hugely successful launch for and The Empire Report,” Tribby added, “there is an enormous number of investors out there that desperately need what we’re providing and but just haven’t had the access. With our experts, led by George Ross, now they will. It’s a win-win all around.”