McDonald’s Is At It Again: A New “Dinner” Side Option for Kids Meals

McDonald's Is At It Again: A New "Dinner" Side Option for Kids Meals

McDonald’s has been busy trying various new options, hoping for a hit. Not too long ago they introduced the all-day breakfast menu, but things started to turn for the worse when breakfast customers noticed they weren’t serving hashed browns. Others were just as shocked when they came out with mozzarella sticks, lobster rolls, and truffle fries although the additions received mixed reviews overall.

Now, some locations are currently adding macaroni and cheese to their Happy Meals. The fast food chain decided to start last week. They decided that they wanted to give the idea one more go after introducing “cheesy macaroni snacks” in Australia nearly two years ago. As quickly as it was added to the menu, it was taken off too.

It is still not known as to why the menu item got the plug after such a short amount of time. It’s speculated that this time McDonald’s hopes that serving mac and cheese without the fried batter would encourage more sales. The dish will be a new option you can ask for instead of asking for fries. So that means the fries would not get covered under the cheesy treat — although it wouldn’t hurt to ask or do it yourself. After all, you would have the option of adding mac and cheese a-la-carte too.

If you want to replace your carbs, you might as well get the cheesier version, right? There are some that believe offering the item in Happy Meals means that kids would be eating the new dish alone and would still be an unhealthy choice. And other customers believe the menu is healthier regardless of the calories.

If you are interested in trying the new menu out, you can purchase it for $1.75. They will serve the mac and cheese in a bowl, which is about 190 calories each (which is about the same as eating four of their McNuggets). For now, you can grab this treat if you live in certain areas of Cleveland and Ohio.

While it is in its testing phase, a spokeswoman of McDonald’s stated that was currently too early for them to say if they will expand it to other locations. Not only that, this item will only be available for a limited amount of time. However, if things go well, it’s unknown if McDonald’s will start adding it to more locations. Still, McDonald’s does seem to have a reason to believe customers around the world are hungry to have a cheesy pasta dish. They added a new mac and cheese croquette sandwich, coupled with “demi-glace” sauce, in Japan. Thus far, the change has received a lot of mixed reviews.

However, critics question the quality of the food they serve. Because McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant, it’s highly unlikely that they would make the meal from scratch. Many consumers believe that the mac and cheese will be pre-prepared to make both the workload and time a lot swifter. According to one employee, the meal comes in frozen. If there is anyone that is on the happier side of the fence regarding the new menu, then it would be the dairy farmers and the cheese makers in the state. With more demand for cheese products, they get to enjoy more profit, even if it may be only for a little while.

McDonald’s was once thought of as solely a burger joint, but with all the different dishes they are trying, the idea will soon change. Do you think they are moving forward in the right direction by testing new meals or is everything better left as is?

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