Making Money From Gold is Easy with the “Gold Profit Formula”

Making money fromMaking Money From Gold is Easy with the “Gold Profit Formula” gold isn’t what it used to be, when slick-haired greasers opened their trench coats revealing necklaces, earrings, and watches to nervous customers in back alleys. Now, things have become much more sophisticated, regulated, and practical. So much so, that getting into the gold buying and selling business has turned into an extremely profitable experience.

Now that gold has reached such high prices, dealers are selling what they bought for double the price, and their customers are so satisfied they’re continuously coming back for more.

Absolute Wealth is helping gold dealers learn everything there is to know about the precious metal business with the “Gold Profit Formula” course. In it is decades of jeweler and metal dealer experience that is shared through audio recordings, videos, and resource lists. The wealth of information in “Gold Profit Formula” is almost unfair; jewelers who spent entire careers trying to reach success aren’t going to be happy about their secrets getting out.

The training course from Absolute Wealth includes valuable tips on testing, weighing, and putting values to gold, silver, diamonds, and a collection of other precious metals. It shows how to find sources of gold at garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, and strip malls. There are also a number of percentages and formulas included in the course that will help determine the scrap value of any piece. That way, as much information as possible can be collected before making an offer.

“Gold Profit Formula” gives people a sense of what it takes to start a scrap gold business so they can be prepared for the responsibility. It also prepares them for the immediate profits they will see when they turn people’s unwanted scrap gold into cold hard cash.

Gold’s price has moved higher and higher for close to ten years, reaching a record amount last year of just under $2,000. It’s become as important as real currency to a lot of people who don’t want their assets to lose value the way the U.S. dollar has.

In fact, a brand new law in effect in Utah has been passed to “authorize gold or silver coin or bullion as legal tender.” The New York Times said the law was “intended to encourage residents to use gold or silver coins made by the Mint as cash, but with their value based on the weight of the precious metals in them, not the face value — if, that is, they can find a merchant willing to accept the coins on that basis.”

Nevertheless, gold is gaining significance as a real source of wealth. Whether it’s used directly as currency in Utah or dealt with by a trained expert and exchanged for the cash it is worth, gold will continue to hold importance.

The “Gold Profit Formula” provides the resources for tapping into a well-developed industry. Gold will never lose its luster, and will always be in demand. Especially in times of economic struggle, making money from gold can be one of the best ways to maintain wealth. For more information on the training course, go to

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