Making Money from Gold as a Personal Dealer

MMaking Money from Gold as a Personal Dealeraking money from gold doesn’t have to involve a brick and mortar business, or a pawn shop mentality of cheating the customer. Any one, no matter how much or how little experience they have, can become a successful gold dealer and earn more money than they could have imagined. Thanks to outrageously high gold prices, the business is booming and people are jumping at the chance to dump their unwanted precious metals.

Sellers are earning good money, and buyers are turning their items in to refiners for even better money, which makes every happy. Absolute Wealth has recognized the growing interest in gold dealing, and has accessed one of the most experienced and knowledgeable minds the jewelry and precious metal business has ever seen.

That expert shares his story and his advice in the “Gold Profit Formula,” the new training course that molds people into outstanding gold dealers. It teaches about the types of gold, silver, and other pieces of jewelry that get good money and shouldn’t be treated as scrap. It also teaches how scrap (whether it’s old, broken, or just not high-quality) can be turned into major profits through the refining process. It’s basically an easy gold guide that’s jammed with valuable information.

It’s all about learning the value of precious metals and offering accordingly. The tools used to determine weight, size, and financial worth are explained using video trainings and a full-scale manual. “Gold Profit Formula” also guides people in the process of confidently connecting and communicating with potential customers to make them comfortable enough to conduct business. Sometimes the sleaziness of a “Cash for Gold” company creeps people out. If dealers act in a professional and fair way, they’ll see business pick up fast and have more customers than they could have expected.

KTVZ out of Oregon ran a story last week gold dealing, and included several interesting notes about the current state of the industry.

“In this economy,” said the article, “many people are trying to find ways to make money. And if you watch TV or read the newspaper, you’ve no doubt seen the many businesses enticing you to sell your jewelry for cash. Whether it’s brick and mortar stores in town, or the traveling buyer shows that have been sweeping through Bend, [Oregon,] it can be hard to tell where you can get the best price and what questions to ask.”

“Thousands of people are taking another look at their jewelry, coins and watches. Twenty years ago, pure gold was $200 an ounce. Today, it’s nearly $1,700,” the article said.

Folks are more eager than ever to access the value of their gold, giving dealers the opportunity for real income generation. This is a chance to gain a significant amount of extra cash with the “Gold Profit Formula.” It’s the most complete source of information on making money from gold, and it’s available now from Absolute Wealth; click here to learn more about the course.

Making Money from Gold as a Personal Dealer

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