Investing in Fracking Companies with Absolute Wealth’s Expert Guidance

Investing in Fracking Companies with Absolute Wealth’s Expert GuidanceInvesting in fracking companies has caught the attention of market traders the world over as horizontal hydraulic fracturing (as it’s known to the experts) becomes more mainstream. It’s accessing previously untouchable supplies of natural gas, which is a clean, environmentally-friendly fossil fuel. Along the way, it’s encouraging America to rethink its current state of energy dependence, which could unlock the door to major business growth for the companies involved in the drilling.

That’s why Absolute Wealth is assisting would-be fracking company investors with their informational Special Report, “Sideways Oil: How “Fracking” is Re-Establishing the U.S. as an Oil Power and How You Can Profit.” It explains how fracking became a viable practice in the 1980s, but has only recently seen the innovation and development that is now making it a fantastic source of inexpensive energy.

In fact, fracking has become a major factor in the potential economic recovery of our entire nation. The Special Report reveals fracking as the key to the inevitable energy boom, and assures investors that fracking will produce job creation, industry advancement, and economic improvement. The companies using fracking are the catalysts that will spark the change, and “Sideways Oil” highlights several of them worth considering as investment potential.

Inside Absolute Wealth’s Special Report, the Director of The University of Texas’ Energy Institute is quoted as saying that estimates indicate fracking could “provide the United States with up to 200 years of natural gas reserves.”

That’s great, because 25 other countries import natural gas as a main source of heat for homes, fuel for cars, and many other common everyday uses. If the U.S. develops reserves of natural gas, exports should increase, and that would further help the economy.

The Hill published an article earlier this month that claimed fracking was enhancing America’s energy independence, as the procedure picked up steam in recent years and began its growth period.

“The country is in the grip of what has rightly been called the “shale energy revolution.” It is a revolution because it overthrows the existing order and casts aside long-standing assumptions about America’s energy future,” the article said. “It’s all about shale — fine-grained sedentary rock composed of mud, clay and silt — and our new-found ability to convert it to affordable energy.”

“In the space of a few short years,” continued the piece, “the United States has become the world’s largest producer of natural gas. In 2000, shale accounted for just 1 percent of U.S. natural-gas supply. By 2011, it was 25 percent, and by 2030 it could easily be 50 percent or more.”

With the assistance of “Sideways Oil,” investors are finding out every piece of information they can gather to make an educated decision on their oil industry market moves. It’s not just the actual drilling companies that are making market splashes; an entire cross-section of support industries also stand to become potential investment winners as the natural gas extraction process continues. For help with investing in fracking companies, turn to the experts at Absolute Wealth and access their Special Report. Find more information on “Sideways Oil” here.

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