How to Select Stocks With the Expert Help of “Trash Can Trader”

How to Select Stocks With the Expert Help of “Trash Can Trader”Want to know how to select stocks like a seasoned investment pro? Want the security of foolproof risk management? Want to be wrong more than you’re right and still come out ahead?

Then you’ve stumbled upon the answer to your wishes. Absolute Wealth is collaborating with professional day trader and entrepreneur Hubert Senters for the unprecedented training course “Trash Can Trader.” It explains the strategies and techniques that helped him turn $25,000 into $868,433.84 in his first 18 months of trading.

You can take a minute to let those numbers soak in. Go ahead, read them again.

“Trash Can Trader” is a full-access membership program that gets you up-to-date investment tips that Senters makes with his own accounts, allowing you to follow the guidance of an expert and learn the system along with him. The program’s website shares alerts and informational videos to help members make the right decisions for the right reasons.

You could blindly follow every piece of advice from “Trash Can Trader” and get some pretty great results, but that’s not how it works. Senters wants to help everyone appreciate the “how’s” and “why’s” of online trading.

The course offers easy-to-understand explanations for every move it makes, and details entry rules, stops, and targets for each trade. There are 12 hours of research in every report, and they take 5 minutes to read. Senters will tell you how he found the stocks, how he determined the steps to take, and why he thinks each is a good idea.

“Trash Can Trader” also includes a 70+ page manual that describes how to trade online with Senters’ approach, which has been refined and restructured over the years. It’s now become the most complete system of investment leverage and stability. The manual adds one unforgettable “Rule of Thumb” that sums up his entire investment outlook. You won’t want to miss out on that nugget of genius!

You’ll also receive automatic enrollment in special “Trash Can Trader” Boot Camps, a full-fledged webinar training event that only happens twice a year. There you’ll learn how Senters deciphers the market data and uses it to cash in on the biggest and best profitable opportunities.

The economic situation we’ve found ourselves in doesn’t make people think of big gains and major returns. But with promising outlooks like this Bloomberg report from yesterday, the state of U.S. stocks is better than the economy doom-sayers would have you believe.

“Stocks have room to move higher,” said David Kelly, who helps oversee about $394 billion as chief market strategist at JPMorgan Funds in New York, in the article. “Earnings are healthy. The bar has been lowered so far that you can just walk over it,” he said.

That’s the type of environment we are living in: one with great opportunity for the companies that set themselves up for success. In turn, you’re given opportunity to make money from that success, as long as you’re following the “Trash Can Trader” plan.

When you’re ready to stop failing and start winning in the investment world, make you’re first smart decision by picking a system you know is going to work. “Trash Can Trader” will show anyone how to select stocks, make trades, and set themselves up for the kinds of returns only professionals would hope for. To find out more about the membership program, visit

How to Select Stocks With the Expert Help of “Trash Can Trader”

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