How to Predict Stock Price with Expert Accuracy

How to Predict Stock Price with Expert AccuracyInvestors need to know how to predict stock price, otherwise their trades and moves hang in the balance of an unfavorable system. The modern world of stock markets and trading indices is not designed for the average investor to get rich quick. Sometimes it’s not designed to get them rich at all, no matter how long it might take.

Absolute Wealth is setting out to change that by sharing the indicators and trend signals that can make individual investors just as savvy as a professional trader. The Independent Wealth Alliance is offering a Bonus Report as part of their membership entitled “Riding the Ripple Effect: How to See Next Week’s Plays Today.”

John Frederick Carter, one of Absolute Wealth’s expert advisors, has spent every year of his adult life as an investment trader. His experience has led him to recognize the most important factors that affect stock price, which led to the production of the “Ripple Effect” concept.

In “Riding the Ripple Effect,” Carter shares his “Elephant Group” theory, in which he closely follows the giant hedge funds and private equity groups because they make the biggest ripples. These groups wield astounding amounts of buying and selling power and are able to swing the market with their huge influential movements.

It’s not an uncommon theory, as advisors agree that it’s better to look at the larger institutions as opposed to the small, individual investor group, which holds little to no market power. But conventional wisdom says to follow the herd, listen to the news, and rely on what everyone else is doing. That’s not going to work.

A professor at the University of Michigan’s Graduate School of Business was recently interviewed by Forbes, and shared his reasoning for following the “Elephant Group.”

The professor says “If I had to choose between knowing a stock individual investors were going to buy or one that institutions were going to buy, I’d rather know the stock institutions are going to buy because they are more likely to move the price. The reality is that individual investors don’t move the market any more.”

Sound familiar? Again, the system is not set up for individuals to be successful, and those who wise up to this fact are best-positioned for profits. “In addition,” continued the professor, “studying the biases of institutional investors should lead to longer lasting trading strategies because individual investors who consistently make bad decisions eventually run out of money and have to stop. But institutional investors can keep making mistakes for much longer because their portfolios are refilled with other people’s money.”

Must be nice to be those giant institutions, right? Well, maybe their power can’t be matched, but their moves can. That’s what “Riding the Ripple Effect” is all about. Being on top of major moves days, weeks, and even months before they happen is the only way to make serious money in the markets.

Investing and trading is no easy feat, especially in the modern system that makes it so difficult for individuals to see significant gains. Now the risk is finally being rewarded, and “Riding the Ripple Effect” will explain the four best moves to make in 2012 based on its overarching theory of prediction and timing. Learn how to predict stock price from the industry-leading experts with the Independent Wealth Alliance Bonus Report. For more on the membership and accessing “Riding the Ripple Effect,” visit

How to Predict Stock Price with Expert Accuracy

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