How to Buy Scrap Gold and Silver and Make a Bundle

Learning how to buy scraHow to Buy Scrap Gold and Silver and Make a Bundlep gold and silver will turn any jewelry novice into a money-making expert. It’s a practical, meaningful business that is being fed by some of the highest precious metal prices seen in a lifetime. Now, with gold prices so high, being a gold and silver buyer is seen as an attractive investment alternative to playing the volatile stocks or dealing with the crumbled real estate market.

Now everyone has access to the knowledge and advice of decades’ worth of jeweler experience with the “Gold Profit Formula,” Absolute Wealth’s latest informational course. It’s the most comprehensive system for buying and selling wholesale scrap gold and silver ever created.

Since record-high gold prices of over $2,000 an ounce are predicted to be the peak of the precious metal’s ten-year rise in 2013, today is the perfect time to start learning about the business.

The current topic of precious metal buying was recently covered by the Henderson Press, which related it to the Gold Rush of the 1800s. It said that “Today, another gold and silver rush of sorts is underway and, once again, it has lots of folks prospecting for potential riches. Only this time, rather than panning on river banks or mining the soil, people are digging through drawers, cabinets and jewelry boxes looking for potential treasures that just might produce tidy sums of cash.”

Why such a rush to buy and sell? “It is all due to the skyrocketing price of precious metals,” the article said. “This week, the spot price of gold topped $1,600 an ounce—up 25 percent in 2009 alone. Silver prices are soaring, too, as are other precious metals, rare coins, diamonds and a host of other rarities, antiques and collectibles that today can be converted into cash easily and profitably.”

First-time buyers will cash in on that profit by studying the “Gold Profit Formula” course and applying the proven strategies for determining worth, testing metals, and competing with the big gold buying stores and pawnshops.

“Gold Profit Formula” isn’t just a how-to guide, but also includes a series of lists and references that will help get a personal business up and running. The highest paying and most trustworthy refiners are revealed, as are the ten most valuable watches to look for. There’s a gem size chart and a collection of percentages and formulas for determining scrap value.

Absolute Wealth has also decided to include additional support with the “Gold Profit Formula” course. Those who get the course will be given three supplemental training systems. The supplemental information on business launching, marketing, and fundraising will guarantee success for anyone looking to find out how to start a scrap gold business.

Gold and silver will forever be the most recognized and sought-after precious metals, but right now they represent a true money-making business opportunity. The rush to become a gold buyer is attracting more attention by the day, and trying to turn amateurs into experts has developed into an industry of its own. Don’t bother with the get-rich-quick schemes and risk personal time and energy.

Instead, rely on the experts at Absolute Wealth to provide the thoroughly-researched information that promises success in the gold buying arena. Get a complete education on how to buy scrap gold and silver with “Gold Profit Formula.” For all the information on the course and what it offers, visit

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