Gold Value Looking Up for Personal Dealers Learning from Gold Profit Formula

Gold Value Looking Up for Personal Dealers Learning from Gold Profit FormulaGold value has seen highs that no one would have predicted, and it’s presenting a wonderful opportunity for people to enter the personal jeweler business. Absolute Wealth’s latest program, the Gold Profit Formula, is providing the information and skill-building necessary to establish a credible, customer-based service for people looking to sell their unwanted gold and jewelry.

The Gold Profit Formula was designed with the help of a seasoned expert, who shares his tips and advice on taking advantage of the high gold prices and giving people a customized option for unloading their old gold and jewelry.

Gold has always held an intrinsic value in America, but recent economic developments have caused folks to consider selling their gold and earning a big return based on the high value. What they often don’t understand is that a major “Cash for Gold” business is going to shortchange an uneducated customer. Personal jewelers have a unique edge over their larger-scaled competition.

As proof, take a look at this recent Business Week story about an Indian jeweler who tried a different business model and is now reaping the benefits.

“T.S. Kalyanaraman is beloved by his customers and detested by his rivals for bringing transparency to jewelry sales in India, where haggling is the norm. He opened a shop in the southern Indian state of Kerala in 1993 and taught customers how to test the purity of their gold to expose cheating craftsmen. He was also the first jeweler in town to attach price tags to his gold and gem collection, angering competitors who accused him of ruining the trade,” said the article.

The practices of Mr. Kalyanaraman are not unlike those taught by the Gold Profit Formula, where transparency and honesty is paramount. When customers see the difference between a big box dealer and a skilled individual, they’ll find the advantages too good to pass up.

The Gold Profit Formula shares the insider knowledge that years of experience provide, and condenses it into several easy-to-follow training modules. Audio and written transcripts are available, and video trainings are also included in the program. It’s an all-inclusive system for starting a gold dealing business and earning a supplemental income in a perpetually successful industry.

While the value in gold stays at such highs, even the seemingly useless pieces people part with for little to nothing is worth something. The Gold Profit Formula gives people the ability to learn how to refine and resell gold and jewelry. The program is showing them how the gold value gives individuals the edge, and it can produce a great chance to enter a booming trade. Learn more by checking out

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