Easy Gold Guide and Training Course Now Available from Absolute Wealth

Entrepreneurs need an easy gEasy Gold Guide and Training Course Now Available from Absolute Wealthld guide full of expert information and advice. That way, they can take full advantage of the record-high precious metal prices. Scrap gold and silver are earning dealers far more than ever imagined, and learning how to make the big bucks has never been so appealing.

Absolute Wealth is currently offering more than just a guide, but a full buying and selling system with the “Gold Profit Formula.” It’s an innovative and educational training course for becoming a successful personal gold dealer. Using videos, audio files, and a mix of additional resources and information, the “Gold Profit Formula” erases any doubt that working with gold will earn major profits.

In fact, gold dealing is outpacing gold investing. A MarketWatch press release from today proves that gold stock investments aren’t as lucrative as buying and selling scrap. Investors are beginning to think gold stocks will never catch up to the soaring bullion price, as determined by the Paragon Reports (which examine investing opportunities in the industry).

“This is attracting attention and bringing forth questions of whether gold stocks can play catch up to gold prices,” Mr. Lettieri, an economist at National Bank Financial Inc., said in the report. “Despite a 50 per cent rise in gold prices since 2010, gold stocks performed poorly and have disappointed many over the past two years.”

There are a number of reasons for the stock struggles, the bigger of which were revealed in the piece: “Producers of gold continued to be hit with rising expenses for energy and labor that are eating into their profits,” continued the release. “The underperformance can also be blamed on other problems such as political and operational risks.”

Instead of trading volatile gold stocks, intelligent entrepreneurs are realizing the huge potential in gold dealing. “Gold Profit Formula” is feeding that realization with tried and true methods of building wealth and accumulating business as a personal gold dealer.

People who take the “Gold Profit Formula” course will be taught how to use specialized tools and equipment to measure, weigh, and test gold for its quality and value. It also shows them how to use a household, $5 device to pick out real gold from a supply of mix-matched jewelry and trinkets.

All the percentages and formulas used to determine the scrap value of gold are shared within the course. They provide the information needed to make a proper offer, and will add expertise to the most novice dealers.

Along with the training course, “Gold Profit Formula” owners will receive a wealth of business-owning information through additional bonus modules. Business launching, marketing, and fundraising are all covered in the bonus trainings, and are all integral to a proper start of a scrap gold buying business.

With gold prices predicted to continue rising into next year, there’s never been a better opportunity to learn how to buy and sell scrap gold for incredible profits. In order to do it correctly and successfully, the “Gold Profit Formula” is an essential ingredient. An easy gold guide is hard to come by, but now that “Gold Profit Formula” is here, it’s available to anyone willing to learn. To learn more about the course, please visit http://www.goldprofitformula.com/.

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