Are Drones Taking Your Jobs and Privacy Away?

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We all love our technology such as our phones and computers. There are a lot of people still looking forward to the time we can live life like the Jetsons. However there is a price to pay. Think about it: if you have a machine that can do things more efficiently, then you would not require someone’s help?

Drones are flying devices with cameras that can navigate, send, and receive products. There is already talk that Wal-Wart applied for permission to test the new drones that will help that will make monitoring inventory and sending packages that much easier.

It’s not just Wal-Mart that will be making use of the drones, they will be in competition with Amazon to create and send out orders made by customers. Wal-Mart is the largest global retailer store that’s continually looking for ways to make their pockets bigger and better.

The company has been testing the aircraft systems used to regulate the drones for months now, and they are ready to take their drones on a test drive. They’re itching to use the drones for the first time outdoors to see how smoothly things go. They will be using the drones manufactured by China’s SZ DJI Technology Company.

Wal-Mart wants to use drones to make their distribution inventory warehouses more efficient. In fact, they’re asking permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to research ways to get drones to delivering to customers as soon as possible. These companies, including Amazon, are making their move as fast as they can because FAA will soon set rules for the use of the drone in the coming year after regulations get finalized.

Although it’s currently illegal for drones to be used for use, commercial companies are exempt. It might mean that these gadgets will eventually replace people who work at delivery companies. Those who work in packaging companies, like USPS and FedEx, might want to start looking for another job soon. It’s most likely that the media might use drones to film their content.

The petition that Wal-Mart made to use drones now might be likely to be passed sooner than later.. Les Dorr, an agency spokesman, mentioned that the review requires regulators to make a thorough risk analysis of the drone system. The FFA typically replies to petitions within four months, so hopefully Wal-Mart will be hearing a reply soon.

It’s important for Wal-Mart to find and ensure smooth and timely deliveries. The success of the drones are highly important, especially because the company predicts they’ll experience a drop in profits the coming year as they work to boost sales made on the website.

The application that Wal-Mart sent to the FFA stated they also wanted to be able to test the drones for taking stocks of trailers and various items left in the parking lot area of a warehouse via electronic tagging and other methods. Any Wal-Mart distribution location could potentially have hundreds to thousands of trailers stagnant in the yard as it waits. The drone will give them leverage and may be used to account for what every truck is holding.

Wal-Mart mentions that they would like to test the drones out for their grocery pickup service. Lately, it has spread to over twenty markets, and the number is projected to double to following year. The can help the company see whether or not a drone could send packages to various pick-up locations within the company’s parking lot. Wal-Mart stated that they will initially test home deliveries in tiny packages first to those to live in a residential area.

Amazon, on the other hand, have already finalized their testing and is prepared to start sending packages to buyers using the drones once federal laws permit it. Dan Toporek, a spokesman for Wal-Mart, stated that the company will be quick to send the drones out themselves after the petition is approved. He added that implementing the drones will be a largely successful milestone, and they have the capability to connect the company’s vast networks of stores, fulfillment and distribution centers, and transportation fleet. He also stated that there is a Wal-Mart within five miles of 70% of America’s population, and the drone will add interesting and unique possibilities for the customers they serve.


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