Where is Facebook Headed?

Has Facebook stock bottomed out? What’s a good strategy for trading IPOs? What does the range tell us? What’s the best way to trade it? Watch today’s video for these answers and more!

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The Trap Is Set… Watch Out

Time to quote Shakespeare because all the world IS a stage. In today’s episode I’m going to focus on how to separate fiction from reality and lock in astounding profits regardless of which way the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ resolves itself in the short term. Beware, all is not as it appears in this show and the suckers in the audience who ...

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Bulls, Bears and a Furby?

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and didn’t over-eat quite as badly as I did. The big lesson from this week is the market is an equal opportunity abuser. After Obama’s re-election the bulls got to watch the market slide day after day without mercy. This week started with a short covering rally that stuck it to the bears with equal ...

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