Smart investments

Smile in the Market Madness

So the market took a big hit today; what’s next? What do the failed stress tests on Spanish banks tell us about the market? Should you panic like everyone else? No, of course not. But with the sell off, why did gold and silver both get killed today? There’s a very good reason… But you may wonder, is there any ...

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The Carry Trade: Get With It Or Get Run Over By It

There has been a lot in the press over the past few years about the “carry trade” and most traders and investors don’t give it much thought. “That’s some weird thing the hedge funds are doing,” they think.  “It doesn’t apply to me.”  And that is where traders are wrong. Dead wrong. This is why most asset classes are selling ...

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Bank Winners Using A Trading Edge

Truth be told, Banks have been the big losers leading the market declines over the past few weeks.   The gains for short side players in financial stocks have been great with minimal risks. This is why it pays to trade only the “best of the best” setups for profit. We have all seen this movie before with economic concerns putting ...

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