Focusing on the EUR/USD: One of Three Open Positions

Another week has passed as we continue to watch several different open trades. We still want to watch the price of gold versus the US Dollar. Likewise we also will continue to hold a position on the EUR/CAD power play. We will talk about both of these trades later in this article, but right now let’s concentrate on the EUR/USD. ...

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How to Start a Scrap Gold Business with Absolute Wealth’s Help

Entrepreneurs have tried to learn how to start a scrap gold business ever since the price hit sky-high levels. Never has the value of broken earrings, unwanted chain necklaces, or even the dust under a jeweler’s workbench been so overwhelmingly great. The experts at Absolute Wealth, along with one of the most experienced men to come out of the jeweler ...

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Why Gold and the US Dollar Got Divorced on Friday

Gold bugs have been showing signs of wear and tear over the past few months. Even though the world has appeared to be going to hell in a hand basket, gold dropped from a peak of nearly $2,000 an ounce in September, 2011, to a low of nearly $1500 an ounce just last week. This confounded the experts. They kept ...

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Horizontal and Vertical Price Action

Hi everybody, I would like to spend a few minutes discussing a topic of extreme importance when trading gold or silver. And I want you to listen closely because this is a Big Deal. Oftentimes we get so caught up with trying to find the perfect technical indicator we end up ignoring the most important aspect of trading: Price Action. ...

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How to Profit From Gold without the Risk of the Market


When people ask how to profit from gold, they’re usually answered with investment advice and stock tips. But what if all that volatility risk could be wiped away, and useful, realistically profitable information was within arm’s reach? That’s a possibility, but only with the right source of information. Absolute Wealth and their team of experts are offering a wealth of ...

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