Where is the Market’s Line in the Sand?

What happened with the markets today? Where is the S&P 500’s “line in the sand?” Is it 1,340? What if it rolls over? When a market breaks a trend, what should you expect going forward? What about the gold market?  Will it stay flat, or move higher? And of course, you’ll want to know where the dollar index is going ...

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How to Buy Scrap Gold and Silver and Gain Amazing Income


Lots of people are interested in learning how to buy scrap gold and silver, based on the historically excellent prices of each. Never before has such a profitable atmosphere surrounded the precious metal business, and the smartest entrepreneurs are recognizing the potential. Now they have an expert training course that will guide them in their business endeavors. The “Gold Profit ...

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Win with the TRIN

A pretty fascinating ride in the stock indexes today… How should we read the indicators such as up volume versus down volume in a market like this? When should we look at the TRIN to tell us when to look for reversals with 90% accuracy for a rally the following day? Why is it so accurate and how can we ...

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Is the Bull Dead?

Today, the stock market took a beating.  The S&P 500 had the opportunity to rally, but couldn’t make it happen. What does this mean for bulls?  Or does this mean we’re now in a bear market? Is what we’re seeing an intermediate term top?  Or will the markets continue to sell off? Should you now short the market after today?  ...

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