Are Bonds Due For A Bounce?

Are Bonds Due For A Bounce? Are Bonds ready to bounce? Is this a selling opportunity or buy? Has my outlook changed on Bonds after Fiscal Cliff Deal? Watch today’s video for these answers and more!  

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Told You So (Too Soon?)

It’s been a rough few weeks for the folks I love to mock. The Mayan doomsday fell short of expectations on December 21st, a non-event so non-eventful as to be even more dumb than the usual doomsday hysterics… like whatever was supposed to happen on 12-12-2012. Oh, and of course, at the final hour, the much vaunted Fiscal Cliff lived ...

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Economic News Should Be Encouragement for Using Independent Wealth Alliance

Economic news that floats through the newsrooms, the internet, and the water coolers of today’s world isn’t exactly bright. Stories of doom and gloom, predictions of crashes, and a real concern for the fiscal future ring loudly in the mainstream media outlets. It seems like everywhere an investor turns, he or she sees more signs of financial despair. Absolute Wealth ...

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Why the Fiscal Cliff is Like Fight Club

The first secret of Fight Club is that there is no fight club. Well, loosely translated, that applies to Washington where the first rule of Debt Club is that there isn’t one. Both parties claim to be the grown-ups about our debt. But the reality is that both parties are against debt when the other guys are in charge, and ...

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Investment System Combined with Daily Content Makes Independent Wealth Alliance Membership a Valuable Asset


An investment system should accomplish several things, but none is more important than establishing a sense of trust between the trader and the guide. Whether it’s personal coaching, text or video lessons, or research and analysis tools, the system needs to be worthy of a typical investor’s trust, and prove that relationship consistently. Absolute Wealth is exhibiting this level of ...

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