Are You Covered Under Obama’s Unemployment Insurance Reform Plan?

President Obama mentioned a proposal to change the United States unemployment insurance system. Recently, he made a statement saying he would like to offer more security for those who are without a job. The president added that he would also like to encourage experienced employees to join the workforce again even if it meant taking a pay cut. Many economists ...

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Why Bother With Daycare When You Can Bring Your Babies to Work?

When the CEO at Yahoo decided the company would discontinue letting employees working remotely, the reaction from the staff wasn’t well received. A lot of these workers were parents. The reason for the change was to enhance productivity and have everyone working together physically as a team. Another reason for the change is because the CEO is more empathic towards ...

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Don’t Pick a Job, Pick a Boss

Even though we all know job searching is important, it’s looked at nothing more than a chore. Not only that, but a chore that can be very stressful. Of course, when job searching goes from days to weeks, that stress can warp into fear. You might even get desperate enough to the point where you’ll accept just about any job ...

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Big Bills Only Cause Big Problems: The $100 Bill May Be No More

America’s largest bill, the $100, has always had a peculiar relationship with citizens, not in a positive way. Still, there is the other end of the spectrum where just the mere thought of it brings on feelings of bliss. Good old Franklin has become an icon representation of financial success if you carry a lot of him. Getting back to ...

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5 Warning Signs Your Retirement Savings Will Vanish

Putting money aside for retirement is not enough anymore. Even with careful planning, things you might not even be aware of can affect your retirement funds.  These threats can include people closest to you, to complete strangers. If you want to protect yourself, you need to be aware of the signs when they arise.   Caring for Aging Parents The ...

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U.S. tax cuts don’t pay for themselves: Republican-appointed official says


U.S. tax cuts don’t pay for themselves: Republican-appointed official says By David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The new Republican-appointed director of the Congressional Budget Office delivered some bad news on Tuesday to the party’s “Reaganomics” devotees: Tax cuts don’t pay for themselves through turbocharged economic growth. Keith Hall, who served as an economic adviser to former President George W. Bush, ...

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Florida fight over congressional maps goes back to court


Florida fight over congressional maps goes back to court By Bill Cotterell TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Reuters) – Florida legislators, stymied in repeated efforts to draw congressional districts that meet a constitutional anti-gerrymandering rule, took their standoff before a circuit judge Tuesday. Florida’s congressional map was invalidated in July by the state Supreme Court, creating political uncertainty across much of Florida heading ...

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